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5 things that you should know about the new Turbo Reductor - Blog WellU

The Turbo Reductor that you are familiar with (or at least we hope so) has undergone some changes. The new version of the neutraceutical which accelerates metabolism and supports efforts of obtaining a dream shape is already available. We’ve not only change the package, but also the product’s formula. You might be wondering what does the Turbo Reductor New Formula offer – we’ve listed down 5 things that you should know about it. Those of you who are not familiar with the previous version of this product – this is for you to read as well. Enjoy!

#1 Who is Turbo Reductor Nutrivi meant for?

Revolutionary nutraceutical is designed for people willing to lose extensive weight, achieve and maintain the desired shape. The synergic joint action of 7 100% natural plant extracts of the new formula significantly stimulates metabolic processes, increases thermogenesis, reduces sugar absorption, facilitates utilization of the excessive fat storage while making it difficult to gather new ones, enables to control cravings.

#2 What does the new Turbo Reductor’s capsule contain?

The new formula consists of 7 plant extracts. Apart from the 3 that you are already familiar with from the previous version – chili, green coffee, and African mango, the new formula contains 4 new components: green tea, bitter orange, dandelion and black pepper Bioperine®. Each one of them contains standardized (meaning precisely defined during extraction) amount of the active substance responsible for a particular action, and, like any other natural products, an entire range of additional substances that synergically increase product’s effectiveness.
The entire composition translates to Turbo Reductor’s performance.

African mango extract – standardized for 10% flavones
Extract’s active substances influence levels of so-called ‘weight gain hormones’ – insulin and leptin. By regulating the insulin level it normalizes the blood sugar level which and, by doing so, prevents munchies. Increasing the secretion of leptin (responsible for the feeling of satiety) stimulates the organism to use the stored fat and intensify the lipolysis (breakdown of lipids). Result: Organism burns more fat.

Green tea extract – standardized for 50% catechin EGCG
Extract exhibits capacity to stimulate metabolism and thermogenesis, therefore increases the energy-use level and ensures that fats are used as its source. In result the organism reaches for the stored fats and by reducing the existing fat it prevents storing new ones. EGCG cleanses, vitalizes and demonstrates high antioxidating properties – 25-100 times stronger than popular antioxidants: vitamin C and E.

Bitter orange extract – standardized for 6% synephrine
Synephrine extracted from the bitter orange belongs to a group of mild stimulants and natural thermogenics – accelerating metabolism, therefore facilitating weigh tloss. It helps to reduce the cravings, stimulates calorie burning and lipolysis. Furthermore bitter orange is acknowledged for its detoxicating and cleansing properties.

Cayenne pepper extract (chilli), standardized for 10% of capsaicin
The source of capsaicin, a compound that increases the thermogenesis within the organism. Increased heat emission translates to higher energy use, hence the increase in body cells’ temperaturę results in faster metabolism and better use of the stored fat. Capsaicin is also responsible for the secretion of dopaminę and adrenalinę – hormones affecting the appetite and feeling of hunger. It also exhibits healing properties – it stimulates the production of antibodies, therefore is helpful as a cold prevention.

Green coffee extract – standardized for 50% chlorogenic acid
Extract with a high concentration of the active substance – chlorogenic acid (CGA) which stimulates the organism to reach for the stored fats by decreasing the sugar absorption. The presence of polyphenols results in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions and stimulates the metabolic activity of the liver.

Dandelion extract – standardized for 5% polyphenoles
Extract from the dandelion’s root is a real treasure chest of active ingredients, the main property of which is stimulating the secretion of bile and facilitating production of digestive juices. Thanks to that it significantly improves the functioning of the digestive system, preventing constipation and gastric retention in the intestines and stomach. The root contains inulin that has an effect similar to a natural yogurt on the intestines but also reduces the calories intake, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

Black pepper BIOPERINE® – standardized for 95% piperine
Extract from the black pepper with a high amount of the active substance – piperine. As a natural thermogenic piperine increases the thermogenesis process, during which organism produces heat and burns calories, as well as the process of lipolysis – fat tissue burning. According to the latest research piperine disrupts the activity of genes controlling the creation of the fat cells, therefore it contributes to blocking their genesis. Piperine improves the digestion processes, has antioxidating and oxygenating properties.

#3 What results can you expect with frequent use of Turbo Reductor?

#4 What are the qualities of the new Turbo Reductor formula?

  • Multifunctionality – the Turbo Reductor’s ingredients have been selected carefully to assure multidimensional performance based on the principle of joint forces from different directions. All of this to make sure that the product fully delivers and fulfills the expectations of people seeking for help in their struggle for a slim figure. Apart from that each of the extracts consists of a whole range of pro-health properties, such as supporting the immune system and liver activity, increasing vitality and antioxidant and detoxicating properties.
  • 100% natural extracts – nothing artifical, instead everything good that nature has to offer, knowing how to best combine active substances to make them most efficient
  • The synergy of 7 ingredients – properties of each particular extract compliment and strengthen the remaining ones increasing product’s efficiency.
  • High digestibility – natural origin of the ingredients translates to a great bioavailability of their active substances and, what matters – remains in harmony with the natural occurring processes in the organism.

#5 How to achieve the best results using Turbo Reductor?

In order to fully benefit from the power contained in the active ingredients, take your daily Turbo Reductor dose an hour before your training session. Remember, in the purchase of your dream shape you need to consider many factors that bring you closer to your aim. That’s why it is worth to combine the regular nutraceutical supplementation with a balanced diet and regular physical activity.