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5 things that you should know about the new Turbo Reductor

The Turbo Reductor that you are familiar with (or at least we hope so) has undergone some changes. The new version of the neutraceutical which accelerates metabolism and supports efforts of obtaining a dream shape is already available. We’ve not only change the...

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Exfoliation – skin cell renewal on support

Nature has equipped the human body, including its largest organ, the skin, with a brilliant cell renewal mechanism. When it comes to young and properly functioning skin, the whole cycle of cell renewal is smooth. When it starts to slow down, do not wait for the...

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WellU Rewards & WellBucks – a few keywords you need to know

Did you know that if you become a WellU's Businesspartner you can benefit from a whole range of materials/help that can be a great tool for your business as a Businesspartner? The WellU Rewards program, discussed below, was created to show you how you can effectively...

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5 things you MUST know about the new Good Life Vital Pro

Last week a new edition of the nutraceutical Nutrivi - Good Life Vital Pro was released. Perhaps you wonder what is the difference between the new and ‘old’ Good Life. Or perhaps you weren’t familiar with the previous version and you are curious about the content of...

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Hyaluronic acid – hydration for skin’s youth

We say a lot about the fact that healthy, beautiful and young skin is the one that is hydrated. Lack of appropriate moisture content results in the loss of firmness and elasticity, appearance of wrinkles, as well as weakening of skin’s uniform structure and tone. It...

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Hydromanil – moisturizing expert

Moisturization is the key factor for healthy, good-looking and strong skin. The skin dehydrates when the water balance is upset for various reasons. As a result, it becomes dry, rough and begins to peel off. Human skin has a wide range of tools to maintain the proper moisture level. However, when your own weapon is not enough, cosmetic products containing ingredients for skin moisturization as their primary task come to the aid. Today, one of the most effective moisturizers is called Hydromanil™.

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Curkumin – anti-cancer weapon of nature

Curcuma – Turmeric extract, called also Indian saffron. Curcumin – the main active healing ingredient of curcuma is one of the most powerful natural anticancer ingredients. What makes this known to all oriental spice has such great power to our health?

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Cosmeceutical and cosmetic – what’s the difference?

Have you ever wondered if the slight difference between the words cosmeceutical and cosmetic title has any significance? For these two words, are the additional syllables just fancy yet meaningless additions and the two can be interchanged? We would like to invite you to read the text which we hope will clarify this issue for you if you happened to notice the difference even once and thought about it. 🙂

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