Moisturization is the key factor for healthy, good-looking and strong skin. The skin dehydrates when the water balance is upset for various reasons. As a result, it becomes dry, rough and begins to peel off. Human skin has a wide range of tools to maintain the proper moisture level. However, when your own weapon is not enough, cosmetic products containing ingredients for skin moisturization as their primary task come to the aid. Today, one of the most effective moisturizers is called Hydromanil™.

Good moisturization is an extremely important feature of the skin and it is not only for aesthetic but health reasons as well.


Tara (Caesalpinia spinosa)

Skin with a proper level of moisture not only looks beautiful, it is radiant, firm and has a uniform structure, but also slowly ages. It is also stronger and better protected against external factors. Cosmetics manufactures know that too – most of the available preparations have skin moisturization among their features.

What causes some of them to do a better job, whereas, others are less satisfactory?

In this respect, their effectiveness greatly depends on the type and concentration of active substances designated to fulfil this task. The compound Hydromanil is one of the “big moisturizing guns” and is exceptionally effective in doing its job.

Hydromanil™ is an active substance of natural origin which is characterized by excellent moisturizing properties. The specially selected composition uses a unique moisturizing plant component. Sugar compounds rich in galactomannan extracted from the fruits of the Tara tree (Caesalpinia spinosa), which grows in the very demanding and dry climate of the Andes, in particular in the area of Peru, is the component’s essence.

Hydromanil’s structure is based on the structure of galactomannan moisturizing molecules

occurring in a three-dimensional form of colloidal matrix, which gradually releases moisturizing oligosaccharides.

These galactomannans are polysaccharides of high molecular weight. They were selected based on their natural moisturizing features. They protect the embryo of the Tara tree from dehydration due to their extraordinary retention capacity. Oversized galactomannan molecules prevent penetration of the deeper skin layers.


1. Surface action: Immediate, 2. Internal action: Long-lasting moisturization

Therefore, they remain on the surface of the stratum corneum and commence immediate filmogenic moisturizing,

resulting in a more uniform and healthy appearance of the skin. Its surface action has another advantage – it reduces transepidermal loss of water located inside the skin and in other applied cosmetic products.

On the other hand, small sizes of oligosaccharide molecules allow for penetration of the stratum corneum.

They become an integral part of the epidermis after reaching the destination, which means a moisturizing effect in the deeper parts of the skin including the synergistic action with NMF (Natural Moisture Factor) to increase the retained water volume and a longer lasting moisturizing effect.


In vivo show: 1. + 30.8% immediate moisturization after 30 min., + 21.1% long-term moisturization after 4 hrs., 2. + 12.5% long-term moisturization after 3 weeks

The modern production method of Hydromanil allows obtaining the active substance in which the moisturizing molecules are gradually released


Hydromanil can be found is several Larens preparations: the ultra-moisturizing Hydro Balance Face Cream, a panacea for demanding skin – Dermo Face Cream, in a light Aqua Spray mist and classic Serum Hair & Body Repair Spray

depending on their molecular size. The systematic application of Hydromanil retains a three-dimensional skin matrix for a long time and allows for a step-by-step release of the molecules. The smallest molecules which are more easily released from the colloidal matrix, reach the innermost layers of the stratum corneum. Larger size molecules need more time to travel into the skin and take their place on the surface of the stratum corneum. This diversity in terms of molecule sizes makes

the Hydromanil moisturizing effect to be enjoyed immediately after application, as well as long-term – which we care about the most.

Hydromanil is the ideal compound of preparations for fast and daily moisturizing of the skin (and hair as well). It’s suitable for mature, dry and even damaged skin. The substance is characterized by excellent application properties. It forms a very soft and non-sticky film on the surface of the skin or hair.

How does it work?

  • immediately and permanently improves the moisture level of the stratum corneum
  • regulates the process of exfoliation and leads to improvement of the skin’s appearance
  • prevents transdermal water loss
  • the skin gains a healthy glow, flexibility and softness
  • it maintains a significant moisturizing effect after 24 hours due to 3D Matrix technology
  • in vivo show: + 30.8% immediate moisturization after 30 min., + 21.1% long-term moisturization after 4 hrs., + 12.5% long-term moisturization after 3 weeks
  • sensory evaluation: softer skin by 83%, more moisturized skin by 67%